What is Your House Saying to Buyers?


Is your home turning buyers away? The exterior of your home, specifically the view from the street, depicts to a potential buyer what your home has to say. While the inside could be a picture perfect, immaculate southern catalog spread, if the outside looks dinghy a buyer will immediately discount your home. From Pinterest to real estate apps, buyers see more homes now than ever before. Give your home the chance to catch someone's eye. There are many ways to upgrade your curb appeal! 

Where do I begin?! Where is the first place you can see your home from the street? What do you notice? If a potential buyer were to view the home from where you are standing, would they be impressed? Or would they feel less than enthusiastic about going inside to tour your home? Buyers have and will continue to cancel showings based on the outside of a property alone. Take a close look at what your home is saying to buyers. Does the home look well maintained? What is the most interesting feature of the exterior?  

Where does a buyer enter the house? Stand at the entrance for a few moments. Examine the exterior and the surrounding views. The buyers will be waiting at the door while the agent unlocks the home. What will they see? Will they be worried about the gutters overflowing with leaves? The dirty window? The peeling paint on the front door? We have all heard the expression "First impressions are everything." I believe this statement was first spoken standing in front of a home with more than it's fair share of deferred maintenance. 

Each property has specific needs but these are a few ways to freshen up the exterior of your home.

  1. Clean everything. A pressure washer is going to become your new best friend. Wash away cobwebs and freshen up the appearance of the entire exterior as well your driveway and sidewalks. 

  2. Paint your front door. A brightly colored door allows the buyer's eye to be drawn immediately to the entrance of the home. 

  3.  Upgrade house numbers. The goal is for someone to find your home. You can make it easier by making your home easy to locate. Prominently place the numbers in a space easily seen from the street.

  4. Make your home glow. All exterior lights should be operating and turned on in the evening.  Many buyers drive around after work making a list of homes for their agent to investigate. A bright and inviting home will make the cut much faster than a dark, dreary home.

  5. Freshen up the landscaping. Clean out the landscaping beds and put down some new mulch. This will make a huge difference and will make advertising pictures look much better.

Your home should shout "Welcome home!" not "Welcome to your new project..." When buyers are selecting homes to tour, and later homes on which they will make an offer, it comes down to impressions. Just a few quick projects can change the statement your home is making. Get started today on that statement.